Do you know how much CO2 do you emit, when surfing the web? Every minute a thousand visitors spend browsing a website an average of about 1.2kg of CO2 is emitted into our atmosphere. If you think it is not a very large number individually for a website, then consider the amount of time you spend on the internet along with everyone else, Online Leaf might be a step in the right direction, when trying to make the web much greener.

In fact all websites emit carbon due to electricity consumption. Websites can help back the climate through carbon reducing. You can turn your blog into a Green Website by installing a plugin called online leaf by Rune Jesen.

This plugin enables your blog to install a green standby engine on your blog. The engine will automatically activate a dark screen when your visitors are inactive, which darkens the colors and hides animations and effects, so that the monitors do not waste energy generating those and simply because dark colors, on many monitors, require less energy to display than brighter ones.

Online Leaf aims to reduce the overall CO2 emissions from displaying websites, without any loss of visitor experience. You can still use visual effects, animations and heavy graphics to improve your website’s overall quality, since the standby engine does not conflict with any of those (as it is only activated when your visitors are inactive). The only change is that your blog will be a Green Website and help in making the web a much greener place to surf.

There is nothing complex in it, you simply install the plugin and your website instantly becomes green and reduces the energy required to generate it. You can assingn the time to initiate the energy saving mode foryour website.

Though online leaf is quite innovative initiative my take on this is, as installation of so many plugins may slow down the download speed of your blog or website into any client browser so thesse aren’t recomended. While so many web pages are opened on a web browser the current tab of your browser is only going to consume the power in order to display it while the unattended web pages rest in the background only consumes space in your RAM. It doesn’t solve the purpose of saving power even if we turn them black so using this plugin is as good as using a black screen saver.