Last year I compiled a book out of my blog. Not easy though I enjoyed distributing it among my friends and known ones. It got a good exposure to my blog in the audience. You might agree with me that every writer more precisely blogger when looks back to his or her writing archives feels great and nostalgic about writings and feels like compiling the same in the form of a book.

You can print your blog and turn it into a professionally published blog book. Blog2print is quite easy and quick service to save and share all your favorite writings with friends and family or to keep a hard-copy version of your work. If you are using WordPress, Typepad or Blogger services, Blog2Print to enable you to print your Blogger blog and make a book of your blog.

The web service gives you room to customize this book and add more photos and selected comments. You can choose from soft cover or hard cover for your blog book with a theme. The best part is that you can publish some or all of your posts and photos as a professionally printed, full color book.

You have to simply choose the range of blog posts, change the cover background and customize the book as per your liking and there you go, your Blog Book has been created.

Blog2Print books start at only $14.95 for a 20-page soft cover blog book. The base price includes 20 pages, but you can add as many pages as you like – just 35 cents each. Also you can get a PDF of your Blog Book for only $7.95. Since 2007, thousands of Blogger users have become Blog2Print fans.