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Lovely small writing table

In this blog post, I have the pleasure of talking about my concern for my long sittings in a comfortable posture in my favourite place in this world. At times being seated on my work desk in my home office for a longer duration makes me quite uncomfortable. So some time back I bought a cute small writing table which I used to perform my lot of blogging jobs. Now I am just loving this small peice of wood. Check it out…

Small Writing Table

Even if you also exercise regularly Sitting for longer duration can be very very hazardous practice. Particularly while talking about using a computer chair could be very bad for your health. It not only invites spondolites, piles to bed sores. Studies suggest that people who spend most of their days sitting are more likely to be fat, have a heart attack or even die. Some time back I have posted a concern on right posture for optimizing full time bloggers well-being. If long sittings are required by your job you must take short breaks and try keep on changing your sitting postures. Now at times I use my computer chair to place my laptop and keboard on my writing table.

Small Writing Table

I remember the time when I was not having this wonderful writing table I use to work on my bed using pillows to provide some height to my keyboard and a round bamboo stool to support my lappy on its stand. Offcourse my cuppa is along with me in every single writing session of mine.

Small Writing Table

Sips the rest of caffeine… 😉

This post is a part of the Creating proficient home office Series.

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