Why all the big worries are for me?, ‘Oh My God, I have stuck here otherwise I would have done much better’, ‘My friends are useless to me, I wanted the dynamic ones’ or ‘This place is a real mess’.

Do you have some complaints about your life environment? Your spouse behaves irrationally and does not realize your emotions, Even though you deserve a salary hike but you don’t understand, what your boss expects out of you, You don’t understand, why you have born in such a place. You just want the pain to stop, and there may be lonely times when killing yourself seems like the only way.

Life Saver

You have landed in such situation not due to bad luck or lack of talent, you are sitting on the driving seat of your life and you  need to understand the whole scenario in order to take control of your lives. Following factors may help you to never nose the control again.


People live in different environments. Although one’s environment may appear to look like same, there are always slight changes that take place from day to day. It is also true that one person may look something and feel differently from another person.

There are people who may look an apple falling from a tree and be reminded of Newton’s law of gravity. There are others who may think of it as being delicious. There could also be merchants who may think of how it could be sold for.


The way we see and identify the situation in an environment differs depending on our life condition and circumstances. As ten people have ten different views, every person has his or her own unique way of perceiving things. People create their own lives spurred on by their environment. In this sense, people can not exist without it.


Man and his environment are inseparable, but Esho Funi a Buddhist concept goes further than denoting just the inseparable relationship between the two. This is a topic which makes us think that how people can influence and reform their environment through inner change. Contained with in the idea that just the environment influences the individual, the individual also can effect change in the environment.


Your environment is the reflection of the inner life of your life within it. It takes on characteristics which accord with the life condition of the person in question. In other words life extends its influence into the surroundings.


When we change our own state of life our environment will naturally start changing as well. A grand palace of happiness exists within our heart, Faith is the means which opens the door to that palace.


The key is that you can’t change any one according to you, but the moment you resolve to change yourself the universe start conspiring to make the desired happen for you. We realise it or not, our life condition, our happiness is in our hands and we are responsible for everything which happens to us.

There’s a wonder in the way we’re always free to change the world by changing how we see it – Cyndi Craven.

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