This little machine on my lap is not an ordinary thing for me. This wonderful machine is not only a processor but an alter ego for me. Preparing to write about my experience of buying it reminds me struggle the moment and sense of achievement when I bought my first Nokia mobile phone in year 2000. For this lappy dream to come true it took me six years, it was year 2004 when I first conceived the idea of having it. Though meantime I bought three desktops amongst which the latest one which is bought in year 2008 is still lying with me. But I kept on sharing with one of my juniors, I’ll get it soon.

Particularly in winters being in a cold zone area with the fall of mercury it is very difficult to leave your cosy bed and sit on study table to work on a desktop. Furthermore the urge to have it increased exponentially when I developed flair for blogging.

The only constraint which i faced time and again was money. Last year I was convinced by an atom processor to take a shortcut but something stopped me. I made up my mind for at least Intel Core2Duo Processor T6600 with 2.20 GHz, 2 MB L2 Cache, 800 MHz FSB with 4GB DDR3 RAM & 7200RPM HDD. The irony was that after being earning from last more than ten years I was not able to save enough handy amount in order to use it up for hobby sake.

Now I put it this ways, so as to have it Har zarre ne sazish kee hai… and the universe conspired sponsored this way, I divided the whole amount into four parts and asked each part from mom, wife, brother and maternal uncle and still there was some residual amount which I asked from the vendor itself who fortunately was my friend. He was kind enough to agree to pay the rest of money in the coming month.

Finally when gradually the things started taking shape my first and foremost choice was Dell. But their customer care was so sluggish and silly that after placing my order thrice on their portal when I tried enquiring certain things from their call centre I did not received any satisfactory guidance. Even initially I was prepared to wait for the Intel® Core™ i3 processor which is about to launch shortly.

Though HP is hardly different but I never felt like going for it. Anyhow all circumstances led me choose eventually HP Pavilion dv4-1503tu Entertainment Notebook PC.

The day which I decided for this purchase was of Makar Sankranti. As per Hindu mythology this is the day when the Sun God begins its ascendancy and entry into the Northern Hemisphere. Makara Sankranti is also to honour, worship and to pay respect to the word mother, Saraswati Maa (Goddess of Knowledge). At the start of this significant event, there is also worship for the departed ancestors. The period is also considered an ideal time for aspirants to satisfy “the goals of life”.

As most of the times I really keep myself busy here and there and devote less time with my children and after having this lappy the small hopes of my little children even diminished from the view point of my wife. The fun travelled among my friends goes like this…

In order to avoid any scratches on my latest lappy when I decided to have a piece of cloth to wrap it emulating one of my ex-manager’s who used to wrap his SonyViao with a Pashmina Shawl. Poor man like me does not have any Pashmina at my place instead i picked a soft baby cloth. My lovely wife noticed it and didn’t give a pretty look at all. Applying all of my intelligence I was able to read the question floating in her eyes, ‘Where the hell you are taking this cloth?’ I also used some telepathy to answer it as the dialogue goes ‘Savitri aaj se hamari teen nahin chaar aulaadein hain, is se sautela vyavhar mat karna’.

Friends who know me very well do not forget to throw query each time i meet them, ‘How is your fourth kid?’
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