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Know weather of your city

With the evolution in web applications we are getting more and more dependent of tools available on internet. In order to use your umbrella optimally here are two applications for you. In case you wish to know if it’s raining in any particular city of the world, here are two web applications you may use, these web apps can act as a saver of your time and may be of quite useful to you when you’re moving to a new location where the weather could be different.

Umbrella Today is quite simple as you need to type in your location and the site will reveal whether or not you should bring an umbrella. You can also sign up for text message alerts that let you know the next time you might get wet. And of course you can also schedule when you’d like weather reports message will be sent to your phone. Though you can’t fully rely on this particular option of this web utility as sometimes the text may delay quite for longer period. You may follow it on Twitter.

isitraining will show you the brief current weather conditions temperature, mist of that particular town and rain status in just one word – Yes or No.

If there are two or more cities with the same name, you can add the name of the State or Country after the name of the city to point to the right one. The tool is internally powered by Yahoo! Weather and caches results for 30 minutes so it may not give the real-time conditions always.

This webapplication is Inspired by Jonas wepp-app, and is created by Alessandro.

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