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Innovative Advertising

On this Diwali season Cadbury Inida has come up with a nice innovative advertisement ‘Lonely Maa’ targeting the younger tech savvy consumers who spend big parts of their lives online were the main target audience. Consequently, this commercial is an online exclusive and won’t be seen on television. Lonely Maa was seeded on the brand’s Facebook page, with links to YouTube.

Cup of coffee in hand, grim determination on her face an elderly woman struggles to turn on a decade old computer and struggles even harder to get online, spilling coffee over the keyboard. All the while a voiceover from her son intones about how busy he’s become, leaving him no time to ‘waste’ hanging out with friends (and, by implication, his mother), and why bother anyway when they can stay in touch via phone, chat and social networking? It seems like a fairly standard tearjerker for a HelpAge India style NGO. Except it is actually for Cadbury’s Celebrations; a range of chocolates specifically designed for gifting through the festive season.

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