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Ideas to Prime Internet Productivity

You are working primarily on web, just like an increasing number of workers you’re also closely acquainted with the travails of spending eight hours or more on a medium that is perfectly suited for distractions.

Internet Productivity

It can certainly be difficult to maintain your attention on any given project while being completely immersed in the distraction-addled web. Before you get tangled in this particular Web 2.0, consider looking into these options that may possible optimize your work performance and increase your Internet Productivity.

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Use StayFocusd

Perhaps the most difficult part about working on the Internet is that doing something more fun than what you are working on is only a click away. Aside from the random distraction like a Groupon offer that interests you, there are websites to which you arrive by proxy, like Facebook and YouTube. If you already know which sites are the ones that waste quite a bit of your time, then consider downloading a tool like StayFocusd, which enables users to block particular sites for specific amounts of time.

Go offline

Most of the time, you only need a few resources in order to get your work done. For example, if you are a freelance writer, you only need a handful of websites for research purposes. If this is the case, save these sites, and make them available offline. This way, you can disconnect from the web, and get your work finished without any distractions whatsoever.

Break Your Work

The best way to guard against lapses in Internet productivity is to take occasional breaks to recharge your focus. Your fingers, eyes, and entire body require rest ever so often. You’d be surprised by how a five to ten minute break every hour can completely reenergize you.

Schedule Activities

Sometimes the one thing that is stopping you from being as productive as you can be is your poor organization and time management skills. If you know precisely what you are going to be doing every day, then using a task manager like Google Calendar or any other similar feature will enable you to keep your eye on the ball as it were. Once you have the plan for the day, you break up your tasks into manageable chunks that will enable you to get more finished more quickly.

This is only a sampling of ways that will help you improve your ability to get things finished efficiently if you work on the Web primarily. The most important thing to keep in mind is to be aware of how your mind works and to make adjustments so that you don’t waste time unnecessarily.

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