Throughout our daily routine right from the time we wake up till we go to sleep at night, we all always have something to think about, to say and something to do. We are occupied and are busy. The question is whether everything that we do forms part of our life purpose or whether we are simply occupying time spaces and using our mental, verbal and physical energy in activities, tasks and conversations that do not lead us to anything substantial or whole. We simply pass time doing and talking, but without a sense of purpose. All of us want to turn successful, although the things we do and speak about are necessary to be done, if they do not make up part of our life purpose, they will tire us. We will feel an inner emptiness and dissatisfaction, as if we are missing something.

What is the purpose of your blog?

All of us here in blogosphere start out with a dream; to rule our niche, to become an authority and most often, to make money. When we have worked hard for couple of years or more, and not seen any real results, discouragement is a natural reaction, but with the world of blogging, you need to push through this, or all the work you’ve put in will be in vain. The most authentic purpose is that of fulfilling our ideal, our dream in life. What happens is that, sometimes, we haven’t worked out what our true purpose or life dream is. We have to ask ourselves what our true purpose is.

If we contemplate broadly there are two purposes – one is a purpose related to the self and the other related to what we want to offer to the world. During the day we are exchanging energy – each one of us is different and can give something to the world during this exchange; each of us can play our musical note in order to contribute to the orchestra of the Universe.

Its a marathon

A question that can help you to find the purpose for your self is: when you feel absolutely on top of the world, very much content and full of enthusiasm, what is there in you? Who are you at that moment? What is the energy inside you at that time? What do you give to your surroundings and to others? This stage is something that you want to reach all the time and keep with you. Ask yourself that question. Visualize that moment, which at some time in life you must have experienced. If not, visualize what you would like to experience. Don’t quit early because its not a sprint it is a marathon

Heartfelt contribution

Second question to find your purpose related to the world: What is it that you want to radiate to others? Are you ready to take the responsibility? What is it that you want to give? That is, what do you want to devote yourself to? This isn’t limited to your job or a hobby or a sport for e.g., but rather applies to what you offer and radiate in the whole day, in relationships, with people through your thoughts, words and actions – in the family, at work, in the market, friends, acquaintances and even strangers. And most important every time you do it, you have to do it better.

To carry out this inner inquiry you need to go to its deepest part. What is your purpose? Not your purpose for this weekend you want to go for the club meeting or not, or that in the holidays you want to visit a hill station; all these are short term purposes. Your life purpose refers to what it is that you really want to reach. If you clarify it, it will help you to make decisions with clarity and determination in your life. You’ll find the purpose of your blog..

I am on my way…