Development of an idea to maturity requires your complete involvement and readiness for accepting change. And if the idea meets its counterpart there happens a magic and a spark changes everything.

How to take your Ideas to Maturity

What all requires a Great Idea to reach maturity?

Development is a product of maturity and learning. Its pace keeps on changing. There are periods of imbalance and of great intensity and equilibrium. The essential ingredients are Continuity, Sequentiality, Generality to Specificity, Differentiality.

How Thinking Reproduce?

Don’t Supress Your Emotions

Businesses are run by humans not machines. Success stories are made by humans with good character. The basic unit of anyone’s spirit are feelings. The character is the system or organization of one’s outlook. Hence, sentiments are directly related to the formation of ones quality.

Possession of multiple feelings combined with strong will power ability to judge and sensitivity to social norms forms the personality. Your opinion is a combination of various emotions clustered around some important people in your life, objects, ideals and values. These sentiments form one’s permanent emotional disposition.

In the initial stage, these sentiments are centered around family members. Later these are developed around one’s community members and are based upon region, language and even on caste and religion.

Gradually they are transformed into abstract models of cooperation, gregariousness, and truthfulness. These are the traits where your thoughts get a good bandwidth to collide and reproduce and eventually it turns out to be an unbeatable team.

Staying Foolish Hungry and Excited

If you are a dreamer you are already an excited man. Dreams get you into the future and add excitement to your present. The excitement of possibilities adds leaps of imagination and brings in more innovative suggestions. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning. Your this excitement is like a forest fire for your rest of the team.

One person gets stimulated to see another person from same region, scheme or any other like mindedness elsewhere in the world. Now the same region is contextual here – A Punjabi sees another Punjabi in Europe he will be very happy for no other reasons. Similarly when idea-shedder meets in some meetup events they get to know each other logics which adds lots of excitement to their own projects.

An excited foolish person who possesses a good character is far better. You absolutely not need very fast and clever people with you. He will be self disciplined and will act according to his own principles and consciousness. His decision to solve a moral dilemma is based on his rational judgment rather than the fear of punishment or regards for reward. The characteristics of such person reflect in his conduct.

How to Increase probability of your ideas ?

Hang around with Idea-Shedders and people who make their plans happen
Focus on the possibilities instead of the limitations
Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to receive help
Write it down in full detail and set a deadline
Appreciate your buddies and be proud of even the tiniest steps of progress
Learn how to enjoy the process and always be open to feedback and suggestions

Every time you take your idea to implementation level you imrovise your self image. There is a solution for every problem so go ahead and remove the words “I can’t” from your vocabulary and start, even if you don’t know how you are going to reach the finish line. Always remember – Chance favors the connected minds.

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