After finishing my college I started my PG with part time job at my father’s business, one day as a newbie I asked him for a tip to become a key person in some big organization and eventually in the society.

I was kind of annoyed when he laughingly extended his hand to handover the keys of his electronics retail store to me, telling – if you really wish to become key person you need to take the responsibility of keys, to open up store daily early in the morning and become last person to close it to lock down the shutters.

At that point of time, I didn’t realized the symbolism behind it but now while I am still kicking hard after spanning more than fifteen years in different corporate cultures I realized how true his words stand even today. In my different works I was able to see how I caught attention of my employer to be appreciated and how I created my deadliest enemies. Here are the honest learning from the experiences from my professional life.

Become a smart donkey

If you think you are really smart, keep all your smartness outside your office and be ready to be treated as a hard working donkey, your decision to join your current jobs disqualifies you from the smartness criteria, so better leave it at home. The real smart people had already initiated their entrepreneurial ventures somewhere. There has been so much fuss about working smart that many people neglect the importance of working hard. Remember there are no short cuts to success. Had it been, there would be a lot more successful people in this world.

Now if you agree to be donkey, you qualify to be groomed for a higher position. Which means you are willing to pay the price too. The price for professional growth is working in discipline. If you are all set to lead a disciplined life you grow professionally under normal set of circumstances.

Kill the processes

I agree your brain is the latest processor far ahead to today’s core-i7 or any other advanced one, whose technological breakthrough is yet to happen, it is loaded with all the software in your head you require to analyze the information threads it possess.

But wait – kill all your brain processes at your work place, please don’t use your brain unless you are asked to. The strategist with all magnificent logic inside you is not required until you are asked to. Be plain, natural and simple always because the amount of energy and time you need to plot your moves and handling your boss or colleagues and all the other unnecessary grapevine discussions can be better used for generating new ideas, working hard and improving yourself. Doing all these positive things has more long-term benefits than you can ever anticipate.

Shut Up

It is high time to realize that you are in charge of your own destiny. You are sitting on the steering wheel of your life, If some accident happens, do not blame anyone else. Believe that you have a personal responsibility for your own career success.

The funniest part is when you start cribbing in front of your boss or colleagues, nothing positive comes out, you are merely registering your dissatisfaction.

Information System

Be honest with your boss, keeping your boss informed no matter how far you have climbed the corporate ladder is important. It is even more important to be honest with information. Do not defer the information to reach your boss, It may seem less serious information to you but, your boss needs to know. It’s better for you bring it to him than for him to find out from someone else.


Do you know how does your boss work best? Is he an evening person, which means in the morning he is probably resentful or bad-tempered or do not want to process your information. Take a note of it and act accordingly.

Do not restrict yourself to your routine tasks or project. Offer your shoulder and learn to handle different projects. In current scenario you are expected to deliver more with less. In order to balance this ratio you need to learn multitask at work.

Start Up

Another attitude for career success you can adopt easily is to – doing it now. You have to ensure that plans aren’t just plans on paper. Every step should have an action, You complete your own part, make sure you deliver what is supposed to be delivered. This world is full of people who procrastinate and talk all the time. When you are someone who acts upon things and delivers, you  set an example for these people to put their  attitude in place.


Your success depends on the fact how will you are to take more responsibilities so you have to volunteer for new assignments. Especially work that others won’t do. You should always demonstrate your willingness to learn, some people start feeling that they have been  exploited, they feel like a dumb person who feels stupid when he works that others won’t do. In fact this time you are really showing that you are the company’s competitive advantage. When you do work that others won’t do, you have an sure shot attitude for success.

Wait and watch

Something that is not granted now can be granted later. Know when to push and when to pull back. When you do not give up easily, you have an attitude for career success. This doesn’t just work when you are a newbie. It even applies to the veterans in the workforce.

Value People

Valuing people doesn’t just mean your peer or your colleagues. It means everyone you work with in your company. They can be your bosses on top, your peers and those of other departments. Believe in people and how they can help you. More importantly, believe how you can help them by giving them hope, confidence and convenience in the things that they do. When you value people, you have an attitude for career success.

So far I analysed all these points, furthermore I believe our perception matters a lot – How you perceive things at work? –  someone’s  trouble may turn opportunity for others, these painstaking points are my analogy to grab the key of my dad’s retail store and I hope these will help you, stay tuned in for more revolutionizing experiences.

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