Social networks seems like they will stay with us forever their future does not have to be necessarily that bright if they will not evolve. How do you see the emergence of new social networks almost daily? Has it attained the market dissemination. This is the natural stage of every market in every industry. In this stage the initial huge interest in the product is gone as all people who wanted the product already got it. In this stage companies have to adjust the product, expand the market or come up with a new product.

The main problem with all social networks is the fact that they are limited in the services they are able to deliver. They were born to make information sharing a question of couple of clicks. This was the reason why they become so popular. People were suddenly able to share anything immediately with all people they hardly know. This was the reason of the boom but what is next? How to develop this product once the market is saturated? How to make people to stay excited about the social networks? These are the main questions of upcoming years.

One thing that is obvious to me is that while many websites want to have Facebook Connect log-ins to know more about you, they don’t really know what to do with you once they have that information. They’re mostly now thinking about serving demographically targeted ads to the users. On the same time the explosion of data is creating opportunities just in the management of the data in and of itself.

So what is next?

How should social networks evolve? I can see two major trends which could influence the way all social networks will go. First trend – The shift from the cell to smart phone. These smart devices change the way how people interact with their phones. They are still more used for internet browsing and email communication. Second trend – The shift from sharing all personal information with all people to more specific information sharing with closed groups of real-life friends.

If we would take these trends in consideration the Social network 2.0 might be smarter and more private. People will use it as they go through the smart phones, iPads and other handy devices which you can take anywhere. Although this is already happening, the link between the smart phone and social network will be much closer in upcoming years. This network would consist of small separate groups of people who could share important information that are relevant also to other members of these private groups.

Privacy issues will continue to cause problems, nobody exists in one social network. I guess most people aren’t troubled by the loosening of their information because most people don’t understand it. Google+’s feature of data liberty may spoil Facebook, as its feature allows its users to download all their Google content, including photos, profile information, contacts, and more, to their computers. Which means, a user who shares information on Google+, actually owns that content. However, such features are not provided to Facebook.