There is no one on the earth who doesn’t want to remain fit, happy and healthy. One needs to check his or her lifestyle for that. As we all know it requires good food, cleanness, regular exercise and right attitude to be fit, happy and healthy. It is not compulsory to go to gym every day to remain fit. There can be many simple, easy and fun way to achieve that. Let’s see some quick & fun ways to be healthy.

Believe in Yourself

To believe that you can do it is first and foremost thing you need to do. Your attitude will play the most important role in your journey. Have a perfect picture of yours in mind and believe to achieve the same very soon.

Identify and Begin with Activities you Love

To go to Gym or do boring heavy exercises is not the only way to remain fit. There are many other interesting activities like going for walk, dancing, trekking, washing your car, cleaning the house etc. First make the list of such activities which you would love to do on regular bases. They not only make your body fit but mind and spirit also. Along with this if you can include some walk in your routine it will be more than sufficient. You can also identify some simple and interesting exercises which you feel like doing on regular bases. They will definitely help you to distress yourself.

Support your Challenge with Nourishment

Working out without having a nutritious diet (fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats etc) is not at all good for health. The key to overall good health is work out with good nutrition on regular bases. Say bye to junk food and stock in your kitchen with all the nutrition food items so that whenever you feed yourself no garbage should go in but only nutrition.

Take the Stairs

It’s very important to tackle your mind and body. They both want to be easy going. We can strengthen them by working little extra on them. Taking the stairs rather than elevator or lift will strengthen your heart, burn up extra calories & helps t maintain body weight and energy. It tones your lower body too. Whenever you get a chance, scale up the stairs at home, office or mall.

Drink Lots of Water

Have a target to drink some good fix amount of water in a day in breaks. You should aim for 4-5 liter water every day. It will help you in many areas- maintain energy whole day, keep you fresh, support weight loss, maintain skin health, look younger etc. Initially you need to take it as a challenge. Once you do it for few days it will become a habit. You will enjoy and relish this habit whole life.

Household Tasks

Every body wants to live in a neat and clean house but how many contribute to maintain it. A clean, neat and tidy house not only makes you healthy by avoiding allergens and bacteria; maintain good mental health but help you burn calories, tones your muscle when you do it yourself. Put on good music and start going. You can fix some days to little heavy tasks as car washing, store cleaning, fix garden or any other deep cleaning on regular bases.

No Crash Diet

You should never go on a crash diet to lose your weight. Customize your diet. Start with small changes. Don’t torture yourself but treat with love and patience. Stock your fridge with fresh fruits and low calorie food items instead of rich chocolates, candies etc which are rich in calories. Eat something healthy on regular interval in less quantity so that you don’t feel very hungry and eat calories out of control.

Your Company Makes Difference

Surround yourself with fitness conscious people. They will help you to keep motivated in your journey. Motivation is very important factor in this journey. You can prefer working on your fitness with a buddy. Sharing tips, experience and inspiring each other along the way will really work. It will be easy and fun to share this journey with some buddy to achieve your goal.

Any Time is Fitness and Workout Time

Whenever you get a chance, commute by walking or cycling. Use your lunch breaks to have some walk. Whenever you have short breaks do some stretching exercises. If your objective is to lose weight or burn some calories, look for chances to stand rather than sitting. There is no need to exercise for hours continuously to have an impact. Exercising short span of 10 – 15 minutes, 2 – 3 three times a day will have a great impact. TV time can also be used as work out time. You can perform simple exercises like push ups, stretching etc while watching TV or may be during commercial breaks. Use family time as fitness time. Playing, walking, fun at picnic, trekking with family members can be a great fitness mantra.

Sleep Well

Give your body at least seven hours of sleep during night if you really want to be fit. Make sure you go to bed early and get up early morning. This will really help to achieve and maintain your fitness. Your metabolism will be at best state. You’ll feel good and perform best whole day. We exercise only when we’re happy or in a good mood and if you’re not happy , start your workout, by the end your mood will change and you’ll be happy.

Some More Daily Routine Tricks

  • In the morning while picking up newspaper have 5-minute brisk walk in the street or scale up the all the stairs.
  • After dinner, go outside and have some walk.
  • While waiting for someone walk around.
  • Walk to work if feasible.
  • Go for cycling on weekends with friends.
  • On breaks get some time climbing stairs.
  • Keep remote away and change TV channels the old-fashioned way i.e. by getting up and walking to TV.
  • Dance freely wherever whenever you get time or chance.

 Right attitude, physical activities and healthy diet are the key factors in keeping everyone fit and trim.