Whenever we are going to buy some food, we are always confused whether to buy organic food or chemical fertilized foods. Well organic foods are smart priority to stay healthy and fit. Organic foods are those which are grown without usage of chemical fertilizers. Having organic food regularly helps the body to boost with nutrition and hopeful future of generations to come. Here are the few reasons why you should buy organic food.

Organic Food


The commercially grown food are cocktail of chemicals and you can simply avoid them just by opting organic grown food. As per the survey there are 600 active chemicals which are registered for agricultural use, thus 16 pounds of chemical pesticides is used on a average per person. National Academy of sciences support the fact with report that 90% of chemically fertilized foods are not tested for long term health but considered as safe. Most of the chemicals effect your immune system and you might be prone to many diseases.

More Nutrition

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine conducted a survey and compared 41 published studies on the nutrition value of originally grown vegetables, fruits and grains and chemical fertilized food and they concluded that organic food significantly have more nutrients. As per the study shows that organic food provide 21.1% more iron, 29.3 more magnesium, 27% more vitamin C and 13.6 more phosphorus.


Organic food are well nourished and maintained in well balanced soil thus it produces healthy plant which taste better. Taste can be the main factor for some people and chemically grown food loose the essence and taste of the food.

Genetically Engineered Food

Genetically modified or hybrid food is contaminating our food supply and that is the main reason why you shouldn’t buy it. Organically grown food cannot be altered or modified.

Drugs in Animal Products

Dairy products are at higher risk and thus we consume a lot of pesticides are found in fat. Most of the farmers feed their animals with toxins and chemicals so that they can grow faster. So even for animals like fish, cow, chickens organic food is more convenient.

Polluting Eco- System

There is a huge demand of food in market and every shop keeper of farmer seek for the opportunity to sell in less time, hence they use chemical fertilizers to grow food. Thus it is not only affecting your health but also polluting sand, water and ground insects.

Support Organic Farms

Most of us love local food if you are buying organic food you are also supporting and taking care of local farmers and their crops and resources.


Living a good life with healthy body, everyone wishes for it but sadly nobody wants to work on it. Changing your diet plan and replacing the chemically fertilized food with organic food helps in many ways some of them are listed above, at the same time we are protecting ecosystem life and totally avoiding chemicals which are not good for our health and generation after us.

About the Author: James Jones is a writer, model who resides in New York City. Originally from Los Angeles, California, James’s career started after getting his BA from UCLA where he studied Sociology and Theater. After graduating, he started writing for the Tacos and Tequilas. His preferred topics to write about include Party Planner, Bars, Restaurent etc. When he is not writing, James works in the entertainment industry as a model and host.