The very objective of doing any task has always been like reaching the destination of accomplishment. The process of execution of this task is like a journey to that particular destination of the assignment which we have undertaken.

As you jump into you own consciousness, with the desire of searching for and reaching your objective of whatever task you have undertaken, you will come across some disturbance in your journey.

Some of the most important of such distractions include your desires, worries which includes negative thoughts & memories, unnecessary thoughts on future etc.

Voices of the distorted belief system, which have been taken from various people who surrounds us since childhood; emotions related to our habits, material possessions, people, our role in society, money, places, viewpoints, interests.

To remaining completely focused on reaching your destination the ultimate secret is remaining inert to all these distractions and it is not too difficult, first identify them and then avoid your interaction with any of them on a minor levels by giving them your energy of mind share and attention, detach yourself from them, simply observe them and let them pass.

Always remember we always head towards our destination at the cost of time.

The time I kill is killing me – Mason Cooley