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Have reason to use social media

Social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become household words, and yet many people continue to resist entering the social media world. For some, it’s a time issue. For others, it’s ignorance or fear.

‘Is social media really meant for you?’, earlier we published an article on this issue. Nevertheless, business owners, managers and marketing professionals must break through social media walls because it offers free resources and has proven to increase exposure and credibility.

When you are on social media don’t waste your time playing games and taking tests. Time is a precious commodity and in general, social media takes up your time. Be purposeful in every posting, pointing your friends to your website, blog or Twitter account. Do the same for Twitter. Send them to Facebook and your other social media networking resources.

Are you using social media to promote your brand or social media website are using you to increase their numbers?

In order to solve the time problem you can link up your social media profiles on various different website to one whom you use most. And in order to avoid clutter decide what group of people you want to connect with. In case you are a marketing professional you might want to connect with CEOs and high-level managers. An artist would connect with galleries and art enthusiasts, and even other artists. You’re creating an online world of connections that care about what you do, and want to become a part of your success story.

Have a firm social media marketing strategy for you. Also have a look on presentation on using Twitter efficiently:

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  1. Yup Social media helps but in Indian context if you don’t write on tech related topics, people hardly use social sites. It is limited to Facebook and sort of Twitter. We need Indian versions of Digg and Reddit!

    Nice article.. and welcome back after a long time 🙂