You might be aware that your computer use could be harming your health. As per US Bureau of Labor Statistics almost of two third of work injuries were caused by repeated trauma to the wrist, elbow or shoulder. As per National Center for Health Statistics the Carpel Tunnel Syndrome causes the most missed work of all work related injuries. As per OSHA the repetitive strain injuries cost worker’s compensations are more than $20 billion a year.

computer harms


Most common symptom is the chronic headache and back pain caused by incorrect screen positioning and poor body posture which may be due to incorrectly sized chair, or poorly positioned monitors. Other than this you may suffer burning pain in shoulders, elbows or wrists from using the mouse and keyboard.


Use a chair that conforms to the natural curvature of your spin and provides lumbar support and ensure that there is enough room under your desk for you to sit comfortably and move around. A wrist rest is also recommended. Position the keyboard directly in front of you with the mouse next to it at the same level.

In this issue the Posture Screen Mobile App may help you out. Watch the following video to reveal performing a spinal / postural screening with the iPad version of the Posture Screen Mobile.

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