You’ll agree – self driven and sincerely organized content creation involves lot of hard work. Writing guest post on different blogs is coming up in a huge way to establish your authority as an author or product.

I have drafted a letter for all you who are interested in guest blogging here, I hope you will appreciate it and write relevant content.

Guest Post

Open Letter to Guest Post Submitter

Dear Guest Post Writer,

Subject: Why most guest post are rejected at

Words we write in our articles shape up our personality and serve carriers to what we feel. Raising a blog is as exciting as bringing up your child. My blog agenda for years to come is to focus on quality rather than quantity of content. Consequently I dropped down the frequency of posting.

I often get tons of requests for guest posts, though I love this. I know – Guest post is primarily written to endorse yourself and to extract SEO juice. So my rules implies to all my guest bloggers. The worst part is that the contributors skip one or other part submission guidelines which turn into some mail exchanges or some time a chat. It sucks a major chunk of time, which is why I have decided to not to entertain emails regarding guest posting requests.

Every blog has got it’s unique style and voice, and my guest author has to feel it. The guest posts has to be contextual and useful for the readers. My prime area of focus is quality of article. I’ll be welcoming authors who have invested their time to understand the theme of my blog. It gets reflected in their thorough, value adding content. Quickly written, shallow postings are not welcome here. Why should I entertain your content if it is not as per my blog. Moreover when it is going to remain in the archives up till the life of the blog.

The content I create helps up in shaping my own personality. I am here to learn and demonstrate the world-class expertise. How can I allow anyone to tarnish it. Every single day before I close I want to feel the content of whatever I did and be proud of being what I am.

Roht Sharma

PS: You may check here for the detailed – Guidelines to submit your articles