We had a feast of discounted Problogger’s blogging e-Books last week to mark his 10 Year Anniversary of Blogging. Now this time we have few more ebooks on discounted rates. Yes these blogging guides are from Ali Luke writer of Lycopolis. It’s her birthday on 12th December, I congratulate her in advance on this occasion. It is worthwhile to mention that through the annual B’day sale of her e-Books in year 2010 and 2011 Aliventures community have sponsored a little girl called Ayshu of Divya Shanthi – A Christian association and Trust at Bangalore.

The three discounted e-Books are as follows”

Effective Writing

This book speaks about creating great blog posts – easy to write, engaging to read. It focuses on writing for the web by using tried-and-tested techniques. It helps you to produce different types of post, like reviews and lists, to keep your blog interesting. To revise, edit and proof-read your posts – so that your content grabs and keeps attention. It helps bloggers in developing their own voice, and to turn casual readers into lifelong fans. Click here to view more details

Irresistible Ebooks

This eBook covers outlining, planning and structuring – so that your e-book is easy to write and to stay motivated over the long-haul – because you want to finish your e-book. It helps polishing up your e-book so that it’s easy for readers to engage with. It guides you to sell your e-book online, in simple steps – because it’s easier than you think. Click here to view more details


This eBook is about making real money from your blogging. It tells about writing great job applications – so that you stand out from the crowd. Get paid on time – because you don’t want to lose out on the money you’ve earned
Come up with great ideas – even when you’re on deadline. Market yourself through your website and social media – so that jobs come to you. Click here to view more details

Please take a note that this special price is for a limited time and will end on December 11th 2012.