Time Management

Have you ever wondered that your survival in this ever evolving business world will be only for your Value Creation rather than anything else. The integrity of your business idea should reflect on your daily goals.

Here I’d not like to waste time on endless arguments between the defenders of quality and the hungry perfectionists; instead, I’d recognize that speed and quality are allies in the pursuit of the customer’s long-term benefit.

We would race to test our vision but not to abandon it. We would look to eliminate waste not vision but not to abandon it. We would look to build quality castles in the sky but in the service of agility and breakthrough business results.

Here’s the most overlooked secret of marketing, of growing your organization, of building trust and creating for the long haul. Actually, it has two parts:

Always Show up on Time

It doesn’t cost anything to keep your promises when it comes to time. Show up for the meeting when the meeting starts. Have the dry cleaning ready when you promise. Ship on time. Return that phone call. Finish the renovation ahead of schedule.

It appears simpler. rather it’s incredibly difficult.

If you want to build trust, you need to be trustworthy. The simplest test of trustworthiness for most people is whether or not you keep your promises, and the first promises you make are about time.

Let Others Cherish Your Time

The second part is closely related. It has to do with respect. You respect my time when you don’t waste it. When you don’t spam me. As a matter of fact you respect me when you value my time more highly than your own.

If you want someone to think you’re selfish, just ask for a minute of their time and then waste it or use it for your own ends. Or automate the process so three minutes of your time wastes three minutes of the 1,000 or one million people on your list.

In a society where so many people have enough, few people have time to spare. When you waste it by breaking a promise and being late or abuse it by viewing your time as worth more than mine, I respond by distrusting you, ignoring you and eventually moving on.

Regardless of what you do or who you are, you only have 24 hours per day. I believe that people should be doing the things they love, instead of small tasks. What would an organization look like if all of its employees were armed with best organizational superpowers?

We must avoid the caricature that science means formula or a lack of humanity in work. In fact, science is one of humanity’s most creative pursuits. I believe that applying it to entrepreneurship will unlock a vast storehouse of human potential.

For one thing, everyone would insist that assumptions be stated explicitly and tested rigorously not as a stalling tactic or a form of make-work but out of a genuine desire to discover the truth that underlies every project’s vision.