As per research 57% percent of people are guilty of waiting for a perfect day to start a diet plan to reduce their weight. Losing weight is so challenging because apart from being committed and dedicated to shedding off the extra pounds, you need to be very careful about your food selection and how you prepare the food to the food portions that you eat. This is a task that can be very daunting, especially if you have a busy working schedule that you just can’t alter. One can follow different diet plans according to the need. One can adopt following tactics for reducing the weight.

Set Your Mantra

Set your mantra and keep on repeating it until you are done. The best approach to keep fit and lose extra weight is to eat right and exercise regularly. Set a mantra for you and keep on reciting it. We can say that “Diet and exercise” is the mantra to be healthy and this is also the only mantra when one has to lose weight in a healthy way. Repeat any positive thoughts to yourself like “I am going to lose weight” or “I will walk for one hour today” “I don’t want extra calories” etc .

Stay Motivated 24X7

One needs to be keep motivated to follow all these process as it’s not very easy and simple only motivation can keep you moving. First and foremost you see your body shape and fitness in your imagination that you really want to have. Paste your photo on your wall along with the photo of the person you want to look like. You can also mention the weight / size you want to attain for yourself. You have to keep it on the wall which you encounter every day. Put your fitness wish in your prayers with the belief that you are going to achieve it soon.

Drink Lots Of Water

Drinking water will not to get rid of extra weight but not being sufficiently hydrated could make weight loss harder. Water assists your body to function properly. It is needed for a number of chemical reactions and metabolic functions in our body. Lack of water can affect your overall metabolism. Drinking water some time before a meal can help weight loss, as you feel full and tend to eat less food. Water helps you digest food better. Drinking adequate amount of water is good for kidneys to function properly. It also avoids constipation.

Try Yoga

Yoga is one of the best ways to lose weight when practiced regularly. But this is very important to do it using right way. There is no side effect on the body by Yoga as they are light on the body joints. It can help you lose weight by targeting particular body parts i.e. stomach, thighs and buttocks etc.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardio exercises enhance metabolism of the body. One can go for various types of cardiovascular exercises like jogging, brisk walking, running, aerobics, swimming, skipping, and jumping etc for a rapid weight loss. It is very important to be regular on these exercises.


This method is only recommended to morbidly obese people who cannot work out by any means. They can undergo surgeries to lose some weight initially followed by proper diet and exercise.

Avoid Crash Diets

There are many crash diets which claim to lose weight promptly but they are unsafe. They can reduce some nutrients which may disturb the immunity system of the body. Diet is vital part of weight loss. Following a healthy and nutritious diet is important for detaching those extra kilos for staying fit.

Say Nay to Television

Our involvement in any kind of audio visual can distract us from paying attention to our intake. One of the main behavior that’s correlated with being obese is TV watching while snacking. It’s easy to just dine at the table especially if others are eating. Furthermore doing so is an enjoyable period of calmness in your hectic schedule.

Get Selective on Eatables

Are you really feeling hungry? Eat something only when you are actually hungry not out of boredom, anxiety, routine, or frustration. Many of us actually don’t know how physical hunger feels like. Most of us eat because of craving, not hunger.

Recommended eatables to help weight loss includes Water, 100% fruit juice, Vegetable juice, Skimmed or low-fat milk, Black coffee, Green tea. And eatables which are not recommended for weight loss are carbonated drinks, fruit juices with sugar, energy drinks, alcohol.

We have compiled a handy weight losing check list for you:

  1. Set a practical goal for yourself.
  2. Prepare your weekly diet chart in consultation to a pro dietitian.
  3. Your breakfast should be heavier as compared to dinners.
  4. No overeating is your thumb rule. When you start eating always put less quantity of food on your plate regardless how hungry you are.
  5. Cut down on your soda intake by 70 to 80 percent, if not completely.
  6. Reduce intake of fried foods.
  7. Cut down tea / coffee by half. Induce green tea in your schedule it’ll also help you to overcome cravings.
  8. Heap your fridge with healthy foodstuff and avoid eating junk food. Bulk up your food with vegetables.
  9. Reduce the time of watching TV and use that time to go for a walk. We eat comparatively more in front of TV
  10. Determine to clean thoroughly something at your home once a week i. e. a floor or a couple of windows or bathroom tiles or your car as it will help you burn a good amount of calories.
  11. Spend 15 minutes in a day stepping up and down stairs.
  12. To lose weight make sure you walk 45 minutes a day. Less than this can help to maintain your weight constant but not to reduce. And a small walk of five minutes after every hour wherever you are.
  13. Have water rich foods like soups, zucchini, tomatoes, and cucumbers during meals so that you take fewer calories overall.
  14. Avoid white foods like sugar, white rice and white flour however consume whole-grain breads and brown rice
  15. Replace your fruit juice with fruits, these will make you contented much longer than juice and overall you’ll eat less.
  16. Get most of your calories before noon not in the evening.
  17. One should brush teeth after each mealtime as clean & minty freshness will give a signal to your brain that mealtime is over to avoid extra eating.
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