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Ergosensor Monitor

Neck posture detection and corrective advice is there in the innovative Philips ErgoSensor monitor with intelligent posture detection sensor interactively advises you to sit in an ergonomically correct position at your computer screen. As per Philips their ErgoSensor is the world’s first monitor which can help you pay attention to ergonomics however long you work at your work desk.

It is Philips firm belief that work should be suited to people, and not the other way around. To promote a healthier and productive workplace, Philips has developed world’s first innovative technology called “ErgoSensor” which is embedded in the monitor to sense and measure the user’s behavior. ErgoSensor advises users how to sit in an ergonomic position at their computer with a corrective feedback on optimal viewing distance, ergonomic neck angle, and a time break advice. It also saves upto 80% energy consumption if user is not present on the seat by powering off the monitor.

Source: Philips

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