Person with big dreams is powerful than the one will all facts. Without leaps of imagination, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

Everyone can believe in the dream. It’s simple. However not all of us can really make what we really want. Very often, such things like lack of time, laziness and fear prevents us to believe in themselves. Enough! Don’t waste your time searching for excuses, because every wasted day becomes a wasted chance.

Visualize your dream. Get close to it. Answer the questions: when and where it will be realized? What feelings you will experience in the result? What actions will lead to the desired result?

For example, you want feeding pigeons in Milan. Make a virtual tour of this city. Move to your dream gradually. Think and act. Divide your way to dream at several stages and going gradually until you will meet the desired. Receive an Italian visa. Then order tickets on plane and book your hotel. At the same time, imagine how you will fly. Visualize your hotel room design and where it will be located.

Don’t know where to start? Create your notebook, make a photo album or download Dreaminizer. No matter how you will organize your dreams. Set goals clearly and go to them according to plan. Do share your dream with your friends. Don’t keep it to yourself. Every dream is alive, with its colour, taste and smell.

When you’ll understand what you want you should create a step by step plan. It’s easier to reach your goal when you have a plan. Ask yourself, “Is it everything that I need?”, “How much money and time required for implementation?”.

Focus your efforts on the immediate step. Forget about everything else temporarily. Do something for your dream every day, because dreams don’t work unless you do. Do not waste time searching for excuses.

Enjoy your success and so dream, my friends. Download Dreaminizer to meet your dreams smarter and faster! It is your to-do list, dream vision board, task manager, wish list and currency calculator, in fact all in one.

About the Author: Yaroslav Tsypaev is from Russia and is friend to Alexey Dmitriev who is the author of  productivity iTunes app Dreaminizer.  Yaroslav believes, it doesn’t matter how many miles separate us, we want to help people achieve their dreams.