Yesterday evening as soon as I reached home I saw the walls of my drawing room drawn by some curved drawings drawn by different pencils, pens and markers haphazardly. My entire spiritual quotient was shaken for a while. In fact some students now days come to our place to have tuition classes from my wifey. And sometimes I get disturbed by the chaos they create, so my first suspect was these school children. But the thought which followed it was, how could they even think of doing it?

After I placed my shoulder bag on to the chair I made huge noise to challenge it ‘Who did this?’ Wifey darling had disappeared to some another room to not to answer this. After a while K3, my (Charlie’s) angels who had just finished their tumblers of milk came out with excitement to meet and greet me. They all were little stunned by my little louder pitch.

Three of them were in front of me and I was standing in front of them as Gabbar SIngh. I wasn’t able to free myself out of the shock of those silly drawings on to the walls of new house so as to to receive the greetings from the little ones. By putting all my wisdom, my expressionless face tried to hide all the anger (like Dr.Asthana) and I gently repeated my question ‘Beta, Who did this?’.

After analyzing all the walls quite carefully one of them (not in position to say younger or elder) stepped one step forward with a sparkle in her eyes, blushing with a smile and pride on face placed her crossed palms on her chest and said convincingly near to my ears in her loose broken words with her baby teeth ‘Mein Khud Kiya’ (I myself has taken all the pains to do all this) there after she look proudly at the masterpiece sketch. The two other pairs of eyes confirmed this to me.

I didn’t realized where my anger evaporated for a while and I added myself with rest of the two to be pleased about this masterwork of art from the genius.

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.

Rohit SharmaWe worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.