Does your anti virus is capable of catching each and every virus intruding your system?

What so ever your antivirus is if you are not using Trend Micro product you can easily clean up your system with their free downloadable utility using latest pattern files. In current scenario of network security you cannot rely on a single Antivirus. The method is quite simple, I have listed the easy steps….

Some time I really wonder how these viruses and anti viruses follow each other. It may be the biggest trade secret of a Network Security Company. Now days the daily emerging viruses has made the network a real hell. It is the front where you have to fight continuously.

The method requires you to visit the home page of Trend Micro and see the Latest Pattern Files link. This link will take you to another page which is also displayed here. Now you have to obtain two Zip files one is Virus Pattern Files namely sizing approximately 13.7 MB and another one is Spyware Pattern File: namely whose approximate size is 2.0MB.

Other then these two files you requires utility called Sys Clean Package which can be obtained from file of size 4.6MB. It can be obtained from the Downloads page of the website.

Now Extract the two zipped files into a common folder Sys-clean Tool and put the Sysclean exe into it. You can run the scan by clicking on to the Sysclean File Icon. The scan is valid for the current day, after some days you will have to procure the latest pattern files to get your viruses detected. The scan helped me out in such a trouble some situation and I felt like endorsing the brand by writing this post.