Your brand emails lands your subscribers inbox – looking at the same subject line daily and thus creating the monotonous approach the email subscribers of all the blogs via feedburner were quite saturated.

It is an alarming fact that most of the times we are so used to any situation which we encounter almost daily that our minds are accustomed and conditioned to except the given set of condition.

The Google was slightly at back foot for the reason as Gmail displays the content of the email matter along with the subject in the inbox where as other players adhere to strict subject parameter.

But on responding to a users email Darren wrote an Open Letter to Google in which he conveyed the issue. With in two weeks time Google came up with the solution

You can now set your FeedBurner e-mail branding with dynamic subject Lines. Your blog Feed emails can now be delivering with your latest post title in subject line. As per Official Feedburner Blog

If a certain lack of variety has weighed on the format of your day-to-day, feed-to-email deliveries, things are looking up at last. Recent advances in dollar-sign technology have brought some strange and fascinating new capabilities to the Email Branding section of FeedBurner’s Email Subscriptions feature. Read on, ostensibly for the many useful pictures and descriptions, but really for the danger and excitement only a new checkbox can bring.

Just login to your Feedburner account and customize your posts subject line.