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Create Thumbnails with Shrink to Web

Some of you might need to show off your blogs using website thumbnails and have wanted to know how to do this on your own blogs. Website thumbnails can actually help boost a website’s income by increasing conversions. They are ideal for web directories, search engines, web designers, Research and studies of user behavior show that the use of site thumbnails improve searches, increases repeat visits, and increases click through rates. It is a proven fact that users are more likely to click on search results that display thumbnail images.

You can use ShrinkTheWeb to automate the capture of website previews, which saved us quite a bit of development time. By integrating with ShrinkTheWeb’s API, all we need to do is copy and paste the code to get the system up and running within hours and, since we cache all of their images locally, we are able to deliver them faster.

It offers you following sizes in its free service:

Micro 75×56
Tiny 90×75
V Small 100×75
Small 120×90
Large 200×150
X-Large 320×240

The ShrinkTheWeb Thumbnail Service is free for a majority (99%) of webmasters and designers to use. You can refresh upto 5 screenshots per month using the BASIC Free Service. I’ve been very happy with the service so far. If you are looking to integrate website previews into your site, you may want to check it out.

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