Sad reality of auto & taxi drivers in India has defamed the public transport. These guys do not charge according to the meter in their vehicle, as a caution now you can compute taxi & auto fare with a mobile app.

If they are found willing to go by the meter, there’s a chance it’s been tampered with. This is the story in almost every metro.

A-Rix Meter is an app that’ll help you if you find yourself caught in such a scenario. Designed and developed by Siddharth Vanchinathan, the app is a simple tariff calculator app for iPhone. It uses the iPhone’s GPS to measure the distance traveled and tells you exactly how much the fare is. The information gets updated live on the screen so you know exactly how much you’ll have to pay and also includes an integrated map view so you know what route you’re on.

The app supports autos and taxi fares from a big list of cities,  it also works for Meru cabs in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi & Hyderabad. Don’t worry, it even allows you to set a custom fare setting for your journey if your city is not listed. So, say no to tampered meters and don’t bother about looking up conversion charts, A-Rix for iPhone should take care of all that.

Source: Arixmeter