Web advertising indusrty where client pays for clicks, is an arrangement in which webmasters on behalf of publishers, display clickable links from advertisers in exchange for a charge per click.

The advertisers evolved and using short cut ways for their incentive which consequently gives birth to click fraud.

Click Fraud

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How to Identify

Every AdWords client has heard about click fraudulent and it is always a silent question for advertisers. So, what precisely is click fraudulent and how can we identify it to ensure that we are being paid for getting full benefit of our AdWords campaign.

What is click fraud?

It’s clicking on PPC campaign with spiteful aim instead of from any genuine curiosity in the advertiser’s product or offer. Originally, an advertiser paid cash to a publisher whenever someone visits their website by clicking on their ads. But the preface of publisher has significantly long-drawn-out the amount of players, making it simple to generate fake advertising programs whose only intention is to increasing clicks and then capture a huge proportion of the income.

Here are caveat signs to pointing out to you are sufferer of click fraud:

Abnormal peaks in traffic

An unexplainable raise in traffic abnormal of your marketplace and not in line with organic traffic trends.

Lot of clicks from the same IP

Could be an antagonist clicking your ads.

Clicks from Non-targeting Areas

A big number of clicks from an outside-country where you do not provide your services; no doubt “click farms” in third humanity countries could be clicking your ads.

No increase conversion rates

If your usual conversion rate dives downbeat into figures, you may also expound it as stern infringement. Click fraud point to an extra click on the ads with no actual purchase or leads as such. This leads to a serious conversion chomp.

High bounce rate

In case you observe that an excellent number of guests are relinquish your website without connecting in some serious dealings, the probability of grave click fraud in your PPC ads are renowned. You can verify the blueprint of visitors clicking on your campaign and the smallest amount of time they expend on your website. If visitors quitting your website devoid of reaching to the landing page, it’s a grave sign that something is seriously erroneous with your PPC ads.

What to do – if you’ve run into a click fraud?

When you identify a pattern that may point to click fraud, you should report your result to Google AdWords, Yahoo or any search engine is running your PPC campaign. It is feasible that the search engine have already recognized the same performance and credited your account for fraud clicks. However, if they have not, they can examine their data to decide if it is really fraud, and will generally credit your account if they discover that it is.

It’s worth the further attempt to observe for unusual patterns in your Pay Per Click analytics. Smart business owners would forever go for the end, and fight for procurement qualitative consequences in Pay Per Click, rather than quantitative outcomes.

About Author: Sean Pritchard is founder of madword-media. Bringing over 7 years experience in Internet Marketing and he is Google Certified PPC Expert. Follow Madword-Media on twitter @MadwordMedia.