Do you use “Tags” on your blog? I am sure you might be using abundant of them, but wait let me share with you that these Tags have been found most worthless part of your blog and it can damage your rankings.

Tags or Categories

Right from the beginning I was slightly confused between the usage of tags and categories in my blog. The use of tags can be used to harmonize your categories and to offer another navigation option for readers. In that respect I believe they can be useful, depending on your layout and theme.

Blog Tags

I removed all my tags

Some people love to use tag clouds (some even use 3d clouds) on their blog, may be it suits their blog theme but this is the thing I was never able to appreciate, moreover it helped me creating a clutter mess for every single post and my tag count increaesd drastically. I realized most bloggers have no idea the difference between a “tag” and a “category” and however they use them exactly the same!

Blog Tags Delete

SEO Hazards

Earlier I myself had created a category and a tag with the same name for my blog in order to generate keyword density. Using tags for the SEO benefits, however was a foolish move as these Tags are creating a link redundancy for your blog, which search engines do not like at all! Your duplicate content in the same is always penalized in terms of lower rankings.

Vestigial Organ

Yes vestigial organ is the word which flashed in my head after researching this issue i safely manage to delete all the tags from my blog. So stop wasting your time in creating tags and focus on your category part.

See what Matt Cutts, a search engine engineer at Google has to say about this issue.