The best time of my day is when I reach home. I find coming back to the home alive is one of the biggest achievement  in every day’s traffic. Generally when I start from my office I enjoy my ride to home which is a fifteen kilometers hilly stretch. One thing which is getting back into daily habit while driving back I use to think about my next blog post. This is the time when I fight against my blogging block, time constraints, self-doubt and the feeling of not moving anywhere. This is amazing that most of my killer concepts strike on road.

After reading Blogging Heroes I realized if serious blogging is an art then few points are noteworthy. Just constantly put yourself out there, even when you’re not writing a single word on your blog but constantly thinking about it, you are contributing towards it. So be dedicated to it, find the things that you’re passionate about, and write about those things.

Please do not seek apologizes for not posting regularly and reiterating same content is crime. If you have done everything else correctly and miss a few posts now and then, no one will even notice. Until you apologize for the few days of silence. So, don’t apologize. Just continue as if nothing happened.

Your posts stay safely in search engines archives even after you cut them and if you feel that your post was really good and you are seeking your reader’s attention on it instead of posting them time and again its better to show case them in some social media websites. One more important point which I believe is that like me no one wants to become the reader of your complaining posts. It doesn’t mean that you do not meet them. Maybe you are even more serious but your reader might not see any hope for you.

Discounted words have no value if you have nothing to say, there is no way you can become any kind of authority on the web where what you say is how your value is measured. There is no magic wand you can spin on your writings that would make you look seriously successful when you wake up next morning.

Like all other successes of world, writing success is not going to happen overnight. In fact you cannot get rid of yourself and you have to be serious to be seen serious. Just make sure you are doing the right thing. And then, be consistent. That’s what it means to be a blogger who is worth reading.