There is no thumb rule for your blog success. When you will occupy the mind share of masses you will automatically become successful. This blogging media provides you this opportunity by competing amongst millions and millions of blogs sitting at your place.

Post whenever you have something meaningful or important to say. Posting junk only because you want to make a post every day will turn against you sooner or later.

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing. Success is not something that is handed out so easily. For most things to be successful, one has to put effort behind them.

Promote yourself using social networking websites, try to interact with other bloggers in your niche and drop lots of comments. This technique will help you get loyal readers. While search engines can generate enough traffic for your blog, the above mentioned And lastly keep on publishing your blog and Google will do the rest

After the resolution to take your blog to another level it wwill be a nice idea to change the theme template of your blog and more importantly it should mach your niche. For this you have to be aesthetic.

Every one wants some thing out of you. Your site traffic much depends on what you are offering. Is it unique? Is it a “must have” or at least helpful? Is it high quality? Answer yourself these questions and if you don’t have at least a positive answer, reconsider your “give away”.

Last but not the least, Be careful while writing any reviews! If you are planning to insult someone famous be cautious. People love fights, but unless you are damn sure of what you’re saying, otherwise you’re the next target as a victim.

Document yourself Avidly, experiment vividly, try to be honest and keep searching until you find out what works best for you and makes the difference.