Blog promotion seems quite difficult unless you observe some very rudimentary things. These are very simple blog promotion tactics which content developers might miss and prove helpful to achieve good ranks.

Every one can start a blog but only a few can really take it to success. By following some very simple steps of blog promotion one can do this wonder. To really know what exactly is blog promotion, good research, observation and innate ability for learning is required.

One may also seek assistance of professionals who are proficient in internet advertising. These optimizers thoroughly know how to use social media and search engine optimization effectively for your brand promotion. We have compiled a list of some very simple steps.

Blog Promotion

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Place Frequency

Content development job is quite challenging and is not for those whole love doing monotonous job. They always aim towards addition of new, original and good quality unique content for their blog continuously. Your blog posting frequency also serves as your tactics of your blog promotion. Adding new content for at-least 2-3 times a week does prove helpful to target more keywords related to a blog’s topic. This way, your niche can be created and proves helpful.


Indulge yourself by posting meaningful and heartfelt remarks on blogs related to the topic of the blog. This way blogs gets popularity which in turn helps to bring good traffic to a website. Don’t look simply for one way back links – no one gives damn to such links.

It’s a good practice to find and participate for a good discussion in forums of your niche. Like minded people gather over there and share knowledge, beliefs and constant updates related to a particular topic.

Use of Social Media

Using social media effectively for your blog promotion is quite strategic. By creating a good profile at popular social media websites, all the latest blog posts could be shared efficiently in your network. While competing with people from all over the world, bookmarked social networking sites helps to bring the targeted keywords to have top rank at various popular search engines.

Passive Promotion

Passive blog promotion can be done offline and online as well. Offline branding of blog includes giveaways like business cards or other gifts bearing your blog URL. Online branding is simply using your blog URL in your email signature or in videos you publish. Signature links can be left at forum boards, that help to link to the blog posts and sometimes, questions can be asked as well. This way, targeted customers are made aware and traffic too gets targeted.

To raise a blog, creativity and perseverance is required, wherein, new readers/customers are met, and various updates are shared. It is a very organized job. All above mentioned points prove really helpful for blog promotion to position yourself on the web.


If you are creating wonderful content and failing at blog promotion, it is analogous to multiplying your effort to zero. All the above mentioned techniques are integral part of a blog promotion and should be in your blog promotion agenda. Rightful implementation of these basics prove helpful to bring good traffic.

About the Author: Alexander Vesia works in Numero Uno Web Solutions, which is a an internet marketing company in Toronto & provides SEO and internet marketing services all over the globe.