Sitting at your computer for too long may also put you at risk. How many hours you devote on your computer/laptop? If the numbers of hours are more than average then you must be prepared for problems like Poor Posture, Unscheduled eating, Poor Attention Snap, Insomnia or altered sleep patterns, eye strain, headache, backache, burning eyes, stress, piles (Anal problems), deadly blood clots and so on. Long hour sittings on a computer can cause severe health problems.

Maggi Lilienfeld from UK says:

Yes, I’m aware of it – my husband died of precisely this in 1995. He spent most of his waking hours in front of his computer and did so for a number of years. The thought of taking fresh air and exercise appalled him. He was 54.

I just read somewhere on internet Disconnect for a while, read a book. it was a bookstore advertisement reads Facebook as Face a Book behind an idea to disconnect people from the internet and switch to reading actual books.

According to various studies conducted, practicing yoga can help you overcome computer related health problems. But does your geek life style permits you to spare some time for Yoga? While surfing for the more ways to avoid above mentioned severe problems by taking short breaks at regular intervals. I realized the need of taking short breaks while associated with such jobs. But the problem lies that most users fail to remember to take breaks. I stumbled upon a link called Eye Relax.

Eyes Relax is an excellent little free Windows utility that reminds you to take rest and save your precious eyesight. The level of flexibility in this program is amazing. The user can set the duration of their work time and length of breaks. By default, the work time is set at only 10 minutes which will be too frequent for most people. You can set it to around one hour or lesser and the break time of your own rest duration.

Though there may many other technological breakthroughs for such problems but rock hard daily routine in your eating, sleeping and exercising has no match in keeping you ahead even in your long sessions of blogging.

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