A blog is a appealing flexible medium. What you choose to do with your blog is completely up to you. Obviously, my approach to blogging is to establish my brand image. Which do you fall in? And do you wish to make a change? What are your goals with your blog? Have a bird’s eye view of the different approaches to blogging.

Why are you using social media to promote your blog? Is your blogging purely professional or else just hobby or it is promoting you to create your brand image.

When you blog as a professional blogger, then you are running an online business where the blog forms the crux of your lead generation strategy. You monetize through ads, affiliate marketing, and/or selling your own products. In this case, the blog is the face of the business. The blog forms the hub of an online empire.

The professional blogger releases content in a planned fashion so as to promote a particular product, and the methods of doing so is an entire subject otherwise known as marketing. He is never interested in promoting an offline business he targets a market and does not blog about anything he finds interesting.

To be a pro blogger it requires a combination of writing skills and marketing skills. It can also be very lucrative if you are in the right market and are adept at the two above skills.

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