Most bloggers like me feel that they can never commit a mistake. But surprisingly mistake is mistake it often is realized after execution. I had started contemplating points for blog post on Passion Versus Mistakes long ago.

I searched the topic on internet and found there are hundreds of blogging mistakes bloggers have committed and then realized. I did nothing different. Furthermore I realized that committing these mistakes is a gateway to realization. All the mistakes I was able to relate after reading was the ones which I have already committed. As a blogger you may attain success but it is followed by hard work only.

1. Gaps in blogging
2. Reading more blogs
3. Identifying your niche
4. Using excess of Social Media

The first and foremost mistake which any blogger does is inducing gaps in his/her blogging schedule. Law of inertia comes into picture here it always requires greater force to initiate any process, once it starts rolling and attains greater amount of momentum it becomes smooth and ensures its running as the law once again comes into picture claimimg requirement of more force to stop this process. This is the Mistake #1.

Every one wants to become rich, famous and influential. Bloggers also subconsciously start writing blogs passionately to expand their horizon. In order to keep the pace of their blog growth and due to tight time schedules they avoid or reduce reading more blogs and particularly of their own niche. This is the Mistake #2.

Blogging is fun, therapeutic, and a wonderful creative outlet. at a time I let my passion for blogging grow too fast. I enjoyed doing it for hours. So at first I stretched myself too much and began to create new blogs to cover my other interests. At one point I had four blogs going. Revolution Hour, Human Revolution, Rohit Blog, Rohit Eye, Shimla Express, Seedha Dil Se and other than this on the same time I was also looking forward to write guest posts.

I thought each blogging idea deserved its own domain and URL. I purchased domain names; design pages, and eventually found that I’ve bitten off more than I can swallow. How does one put out quality work when quantity becomes the driver? Simple. You can’t. So I had to sit back and contemplate sacrificing most of them. I hated thinking of closing them down. Passion was there but time wasn’t. I realized to concentrate on one or two blogs. This is the Mistake #3.

It will sound slightly strange but it is a fact. Though I did the optimum utilization of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Entrecard etc. But what I observe was that it didn’t result in the same proportion when done extremely. Furthermore the traffic it redirected to my blog was not fo quality readers who can leave valuable remarks and critical suggestions where as their average page view time was too less to escalate my page ranks. My first blog My Human Revolution attained a PR of#5 with the start of its second year with out any such activity but rather writing quality posts. This is the Mistake #4.

Balanced and optimum usage of Social Media is fine but remember ‘Excess of every thing is bad’. Instead of wasting your time on social networking sites you must focus on developing quality content.

See you soon with some more mistakes in next post. Till then Cheers!