Best of 2012

To mark the end of another wonderful year 2012 I have compiled twelve best posts of the revolution hour for the whole year. You may take it one best of 2012 from each month, irrespective of the categories.

It’s a quick review what all inspired us in 2012 on the same time it is also an opportunity for you to catch up on something you might have missed, lets us revisit the content.

1. Adding Personality to your Blog

If you want to be in the group of those that do then you have to add in a touch of individualized personality to your blog so that you can form a relationship with your readers which makes them want to keep coming back. Add a much-needed dose of personality to your blog through these tactics to help drive more traffic to your blog

2. Bug of Bloggers Block

Blogging is infiltrating online news venues, businesses and households across the country, so you are certainly not alone in your blogging pursuits. Danielle has compiled the ten ways to fight back to your blogger block. Come let’s spot firth and then eliminate the so called bug of this writer block

3. The Positive Approach

In one’s life a positive attitude is of utmost importance. If we are able to look at the situations in our life in a positive manner, we’ll be able to sit back for a while for a light, happy heart.

4. Discipline your skill

Discipline is the one vital ingredient necessary to maintain the superior level of commitment whilst in pursuit of excellence is discipline.

5. Do it now or repent later

You are free when you take responsibility for what you are and how you feel. Get back your personal ruling and controlling power and do not be afraid to be free and responsible for your choices. From today on, promise yourself that you will not allow anybody for that matter, influence the power of choice, the power to decide, that you possess.

6. Social Media effects your efficiency

Multitasking & Performance has some negative relation in between. As per a study on Computers in Human Behavior by Reynol Junco the specific uses of Facebook are related to positive outcomes while others are related to negative ones.

7. Life free of hardships

 lets be honest to ourselves, all the goals which we have defined for ourselves are meaningless until and unless we do not possess a clear plan to achieve it. No one can blame others for his misfortunes. In the world of faith, it is necessary to realize this all the more clearly.

8. Reforming yourself

Acting on the base of this philosophy what we believe to be true about the world and how it works has primarily created us, who we are and is responsible for what our life today is.

9. Keep alive your real self

In so many ways introduction to spirituality, like many other approaches to inner awakening, is as much about unlearning the already acquired beliefs as it is about learning new beliefs.

10. You have an opportunity

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. This blog post gives you an insight of what was really worthwhile in your life? You’ll regret if something drastic happens to your this state.

11. Convergence of viewpoints

There are countless factors that influence our outlook on life. Every person views through different perceptions, our upbringing the environment we live in, our education our social status our financial situation and the traditions and customs of our country.

12. Towards Less

While talking about my dreams I realized simplifying my life drags me closer to my dreams. I have created a quite corner in my home where I nourish my dreams. Now I really try to escape from the clutter which I get surrounded with.

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