While trying to run one of my VB exes I received error messages, my curiosity drove me to search on the net for possible causes. Before I could really comprehend the problem definition one of the sites prompted me for the download of Service packs 4 and 5 of Visual Studio 6.0.

I simply installed them with out giving the thought that whether I am downloading the same from Microsoft’s website or not. After 10 minutes or so my system was blown away. The very first attack was on my IIS and it blocked my sites not only on intranet but on my very own server. After lots of R&D I along with my one enthusiastic colleague we decided to format the system. The worst part was that we didn’t configure any Restore points on our Windows 2000 Server. After devoting one complete day on it we made every thing running almost OK. I received an error of MS Access Jet 4.0 error and it demanded for Hofix patch for Jet in Service Pack 8. I was already having one on my hard disk and I installed the same. With in no time our website was reported to be down by one of our fellow colleagues. Evidently this patch was also from some fake site. Again it took a very long R&D session and we had to format the server once again.

Interestingly none of these fake service packs populated the Add Remove listing of the Control Panel.
Eventually we installed every thing original and service packs from Microsofts Official Website, but unfortunately we were not having our official Symantec AntiVirus CD with us. Some one suggested installing Avast Server version for the time being. We did the same. After a couple of hours our site again went down. I noticed it in the night from my house while going to bed. I reported it to my fellow mate who set it right by uninstalling it. The next thing which I did was installation of Norton Go Back utility. It helps you by creating restoration points even after your OS has gone.

Later on I realized that my initial problem of VB was due to some unregistered ocx files.