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ASP Error: Invalid Characters – Difference in Quotes

Have you ever encountered Microsoft VBScript compilation error ‘800a0408’. It says Invalid character /xxx/xxx/xxxx.asp, line xx. And you are gone!

Yesterday I was pissed with this error while working in MS Visual Interdev and eventually I was surprised to see that it was due to am little carelessness at the quotes. This error code, 800A0408 occurs when you execute a VBScript under Windows IIS.

The ASCII equivalent of both the quotes shown is same [Dec 34, Hex 22, Oct 042, Chr “]. You do not require an error fixer for it instead you have to be slightly careful while using double quotes or single quotes while doing your ASP scripting just ensure this that you are using straight quotes shown in left side of the figure while executing your string operations.

asp error quotes

The error also occours in a situation where it looked as though the ASP file had been overwritten by a binary file, making the page incomprehensible to the ASP interpreter. The file would probably have to be restored from a backup, or a new copy obtained from wherever the original came from.

In common observation generally this occurs if you cut a programming sample from a MS Word document and paste it into your program. For example, sometimes Word does not preserve certain characters, such as double-quote marks, as they were originally entered, but changes them to some unrecognizable symbol.

Scrutinize your code for the unrecognizable symbol in the program, delete it, and put the correct character in its place.


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  1. Hey I´ve got this error…. help!!! I just don find any bad aphostrophe when I open that .vbs file, I tried also to open it with Notepad and saving it again as ANSI, but nothing.