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Access Social Media with Some Lemonade

In any case, it is clear to even the most people who are keeping track of all these services could consume more time than it would drain most of your time. And that is why services such as Some Lemonade are released, and will keep on being released for a reasonable stretch of time yet. Some Lemonade is a new service that puts all of these sites together to make a “sexy” web image and video viewer. It does this by pulling out all of the posts that contain image and video links. Best of all, there’s no signing up required because you use your Twitter account to login (via Twitter OAuth). From there you can then connect your Tumblr account.

Some Lemonade will let you centralize your access to all of the services that were mentioned in the first paragraph along with others such as Vimoe, Fffound and Tumblr. That is accomplished by having the information displayed in a single stream that can be refined at will. This means that if you want to focus online on YouTube and Flickr then you can do it at no effort. And the same applies if you are only concerned about networking on Facebook and Twitter.

The default view is a stream of all posts from Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, FFFFound, Picasa, YouTube and Vimeo. You can then “filter your lemons” to show just one service. Since you only connect your Twitter and Tumblr account, the media from the other services are actually taken from those 2 accounts. For each item on your stream you can share it on Twitter or Tumblr, “love it” or retweet it. You’ll also see who posted the item and can view that person’s stream by clicking on their name.

Want to “share some lemonade with your friends”? That’s possible too. Clicking on the pencil icon in the navigation (pictured above) will let you share an image with optional text on Twitter or Tumblr. At this time, it doesn’t appear that you can share on both at the same time. Media is shared by either uploading it from your computer or via a direct web link.

The search feature is also nice because it lets you search Twitter through all of the integrated site for any keyword. Also, if you have some searches saved on Twitter, those will show up in a drop down when you hover over the search icon. This makes it really easy to keep up with your saved search terms.

If your’e a fan of FFFFound! you’ll definitely like that integration as well. FFFFound! is an image bookmarking service that is great for sharing pictures across the web. Clicking on the FFFF icon will let you see the latest submissions to the site. The interface for the site is very simple and eye catchy. It’s not only easy to use but it’s also just as easy to share. So, whenever you’re needing a break, why not have “some lemonade” and check out the latest images and videos shared by your social media friends.

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