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Hi, I’m Rohit Sharma the man behind I write this Blog as my hobby and to to keep myself updated in fast changing world of Technology. I come from the hills of North India. Blogging has become my passion. The Revolution Hour is that one hour of my day which I devote to share my logs what so ever I learned so far while working.

Rohit Sharma
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I spent over twelve years as a corporate software trainer and auditor. I also devoted some time into sales and marketing. To raise my family currently I do IT Consultancy and SW Project Management.

Rohit Sharma Productivity Coach
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I hope to make a difference in the evolution of world. I love to create new things and appreciate what technology has given us. I firmly believe that the life is wonderful and we cannot afford to waste a tiny bit of time. I would like to be remembered as a hardworking person, true friend, sincere dad, and a loving family member having great sense of humor, taste, style and contagious positive energy.

Rohit Sharma
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To end up for those who may care I graduated from Government College Shimla in Sciences. There after I opted to computers and now I hold a Master Degree in Computer Applications and my second master degree is in Business Administration in Human Resource Management.

Rohit Sharma Productivity CoachAt Reliance Idol 2013

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Thanks for making an effort to reach me out here. Cheers…

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Rohit Sharma