Last month was quite busy, the whole story this ways I got registered myself to MBA final thesis submission semester in the month of January in year 2010 and soon I got my synopsis approved from the university which was “Role of Information Technology at Load Dispatch Centers for Strategic Analysis & Online Monitoring of Power Scheduling, Load Forecasting & other tasks, Developing a reform model & its Impact Analysis – with specific reference to HSEBL”. The title was quite impressive and was containing almost everything which I was indulged at my workplace from year 2007. I was quite enthusiastic about the project and I chose my immediate boss as my project guide.

Everything went well and I lost in my day to day activities and eventually I was able to submit my thesis report to university on November 2011. I was not aware of the fact that the last attempt which I could seek from university was already over by September 2011. However I got an intimation letter from university on June 2012 that everything is fine regarding the project and they have received it and are evaluating it however in case if someones course tenure is expired one must renew it by submitting the course fee along with additional fee of penalty. I was so engrossed in my day to day activities and was confident enough such that I ignored this mail completely thinking that the tenure for any single course is minimum 2 years.

I don’t know how and why some wisdom knocked my mind and I made an earnest effort to ensure my eligibility to the course. Even-though it was too late as the final date of deposition of fee had already crossed. Some how I made an attempt to study all the technical aspects of expiry of any exam and soon sniffed that I am in a big trouble. Any how after passing of the last due date I did the necessary formalities and with a very less hope of getting entertained I managed to send my courier.

Results were declared in the month of August where my course was indicated expired, I was shattered for a while because it meant to start everything from the scratch. The whole effort I invested in my project just crossed in front of my eyes. With a heavy head I wrote a letter to my university in this regard. Today I got he wonderful reply from them as they considered it and I was awarded grade ‘A’ for my work. This news came as a soothing breeze and the sweetest feel in the recent past.

This post is not to display my act of carelessness but to demonstrate the attitude and power of initiation which make things turn even after loosing every single hope. There came a time when it seemed almost impossible to get through but how true the following quote is

Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.” — Conrad Hilton