Windows Azure

Windows Azure and SQL Azure enable you to build, host and scale applications in Microsoft datacenters. They require no up-front expenses, no long term commitment, and enable you to pay only for the resources you use. You can run a Small Windows Azure instance with a 1GB SQL Azure database for free for the first 90 days of your trial.Grab the free trial.

Females use Social Media Aggressively?

Long back we discussed sex proportion distribution on online social media. Now here is a report which is particularly talking about Twitter.

Whether the sexes behave differently on Twitter.

The answer is again Yes they do. Do these results match your personal experience? It was found that although men and women have an equitable number of followers, women tend to tweet and follow more–12% and 2% more than men, respectively. Continue Reading

Einstein’s Brownian Movements Hypothesis Challenged

The movement of small particles in a fluid as they collide with the fluid’s molecules are known as Brownian Movemnets. Microscopic particles in liquid or gas undergo Brownian motion – jittery, random movements that are the result of countless collisions with neighbouring molecules. Continue Reading

Google Chrome for Mac & Linux

Though there were certain hacks to run Chrome on Mac. Google has now officially bought Chrome for Mac and Linux out of beta, and introduce Chrome’s first stable release for Mac and Linux users. Stable versions are more reliable and has lesser bugs. It also provides many new features. Continue Reading

Keep Playing Pacman on Google

Playing Pacman has always remained a fun. But people started complaining that productivity is lost by wasting time playing the game when Google got the entire planet excited to play Pac-Man using only its logo. I guess if you are wise in scheduling your time your produdtivity can’t be hampered by such tools.

Google have celebrated the 30th anniversary of one of the top computer games – Pacman – by placing a useable game on its home page.Continue Reading

Common Sense Skill

Directors searched for their names on Google, they found the ad on the first result, clicked on it, and ended up in a page where the guy had his resume and explained why they should hire him.Continue Reading

Google Encrypted Search

Google has provided the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to products ranging from Gmail to Google Docs and others, now it has announced Google SSL Search. As people spend more time on the Internet, they want greater control over who has access to their online communications. SSL connections use the “https” distinction in the address or the “protected” flag that appears in your web browser. Continue Reading