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Displaying Creativity While Quitting From Job – Is this the best way?

As per a study done on Organizational Characteristics and Individual Motivation the, results show that creativity needs are satisfied when the organizational domain is inclusive and fair.

Furthermore when individual specific competences are paired by a mix of autonomous, independent action, and deliberation with others. But still if does not goes well, Is this the best way for creative people to quit their job?

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At WWF India Event

WWF India in collaboration with HIMURJA organized competitions on Rajeev Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas-2014 at Hotel Holiday Home on 30th September 2014.

Judges at WWF India Event

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An Invite to Judge the School Children Event by WWF India

My pleasure that I have been invited to judge an event where children from twenty schools from my town will be participating will be contesting for various competitions.

Judge Invite Rohit

The event is being organized by WWF India in collaboration with Himurja on the on Rajeev Gandhi Akshay Urja Diwas-2014. There will be various competitional events like declamation, slogan writing, drawing & painting.

Steve Jobs What Turned Him To Be Simply The Best Some Little-Known Factors

Steve Jobs’s keys to success were the spiritual qualities he had developed. He had this incredible realization that his intuition was his greatest gift, and that he needed to look at the world from the inside out.

Steve Jobs

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Facebook is changing – How do you feel when your best buddy starts changing?

How do you feel when one day you find that your best buddy has changed a lot.

Time to re-consider!

You’re Always Right Even when You’re Wrong – But Still Why Should You Consider Others Viewpoint

Why should you consider others viewpoint? You perceive world through five senses. What you see, feel, touch, smell and  hear is received by sense organs. Your brain process all this infomation.

This processing is based upon the information you already have and environment you are in to. Because of our limitations whatever opinion we come up with is likely to be flawed.

An ant rests on a flower in meditation posture

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The Mountain Man Dashrath Manjhi – Determination of Human Spirit

Selfless determination empowers you to do the impossible. Way back in year 1960, residents of 25-house hamlet, ridiculed a weak young man, trying to chip solid rocks of a 300-feet-high hill all alone with a chisel.

Mountain Man
Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Dashrath Manjhi in 'The Mountain Man'

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Surprising Reasons Why You Are Not Able To Identify Opportunity

Why You Are Not Able To Identify Opportunity

Opportunity is a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. Best opportunities emerge at the time of crisis. Generally when you are faced with a crisis you often despair.

If we’re receptive enough and keep our eyes open we’ll find that it’s in this time of crisis that the best opportunities emerge.

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